Jan. 29
The Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) at Combs Hall reported a rug in front of the hall was stolen. The rug was maroon with a Colonel head and had “EKU” printed on it. The RHC said there is a surveillance camera that points to the front door, which might help identify the individual who took the rug. The rug is valued at $150.

Jan. 31
Several items were reported stolen from a student’s truck parked in the Alumni Coliseum parking lot between 2 a.m. Jan. 30 and 6:30 a.m. Jan. 31. He said his truck was locked, but was unable to secure the back window, which has a visible opening between the two sides. Four cigarette lighters, an Eastern parking decal and a set of Allen wrenches were stolen. The items were valued at $59.

Feb. 1
An instance of first degree forgery was discovered in Martin Hall. A custodian at Martin Hall found 10 pages of front and back colored, photocopy printouts of $100 bills at the bottom of the trash chute on the men’s side of Martin Hall. The custodian told EKU Police that he was wearing gloves when he discovered the printouts and immediately brought them to the EKU Police Department. He advised police that the papers likely came from the second, third or fourth floor of the residence hall. The copies were of various sizes consisting of 18 copies of the front of the bill and seven copies of the back. There was an unidentified orange stain on all pages. The pages were packaged and logged at the EKU Police Department.

Feb. 3
An exit sign on the forth floor of Commonwealth Hall was damaged. The sign was located on the northwest side of the floor. The damage to the sign is valued at $75.