Illustration by Cindy Reynolds

Illustration by Cindy Reynolds

Before conclusions are made, we are not arguing for a gun ban of any kind. However, we are offering a stricter approach in deciding who has access to these guns.

The bottom line is if we do nothing, then nothing will improve. However, if we take a stand and action, then we can attempt to avoid the tragedy caused by some of these shootings.

Better management is needed to handle who can get hands on these guns. To do this, the country needs to be looking at who is behind the guns and the actual gun.

Through an increased amount of simple background checks and mental health evaluations, the country could keep a better eye on who has guns in their possession.

We are aware people will always find a way to get their hands on firearms. Regardless of how strict we make the gun laws or how close of an eye we keep on those owning guns, there will always be people who slip between the cracks. Simply put, guns will always be stolen.

Even though people cause the hurt, the gun doesn’t make the situation any better. The country still needs to focus on the guns used in these shootings. Even with the proper safety training, registration and licenses, accidents are still going to happen.

Introducing more weapons with the potential to kill multiple people in once second into a scenario is only going to make accidents worse. Even police officers who are trained to carry and handle firearms, harm innocent people.

Besides recreational purposes and just a general interest, the average has not practical need for an automatic assault gun.

The majority of those arguing about their right to bear arms are not seeing the bigger picture. It’s only freedom of speech until you yell “fire” in a crowded building. All of our freedoms our restricted in some fashion to maintain order and the right to bear arms is no exemption.

It’s important to remember the right to bear arms came out of revolutionary times, when guns were the only effective way people had to defend themselves. The population was a lot smaller, the world was a lot different, and we didn’t have semi-automatic assault rifles that could take out an entire movie theater in a matter of minutes.

It is also important to point out the right to bear arms does mean you get to hold a double bazooka for self-defense purposes. There are a variety of nonlethal ways to defend oneself.

No matter where you live you don’t need to have a military-like strength weapon. Whether you live in Chicago or in Lexington, you may feel the need to carry protection. However, no matter where you live, there is no reason for a person to carry an automatic weapon for protection.

The only way to bridge the gap between people falling on different sides of this argument is to build trust. The only way to build this trust is by making sure qualified individuals with the proper licenses and registration are the only ones carrying these guns.

Guns are part of our culture, and we are not suggesting they go anywhere. Protection, hunting and self-empowerment are all reasons for a person to want to carry a firearm.

Societies and cultures evolve, and so do opinions and viewpoints on issues. Our country needs to brainstorm and come up with creative solutions to the issue of gun control. In order to do this, we need find answers to the questions and compromise to make everyone in the country feel safe.