Residence Life Council (RLC) is giving students a chance to voice their opinions about living on campus. This branch of the Student Government Association (SGA) has created a survey for residential students to take a survey.

The survey at first may seem like another laundry survey similar to one given out last semester by RLC, but many other issues are presented on this new survey. Students are asked about other residence life policies.

RLC is still attempting to obtain the student body’s opinion on a $50 charge for laundry each semester. If the survey results come back favorable to this charge, it will allow student living in the residence hall to have access to the washers and dryers without having to pay for each load.

Another key issue RLC would like feedback on is adding a $5 green fee to support recycling and installation of water bottle refill stations, identical to those in the Fitness and Wellness Center and the Combs academic building. RLC is also seeking feedback on 24/7 visitations for upperclassmen.

An additional fee proposed by the RLC survey is a $5 charge to create a Residence Life Cinema, which would feature newly released movies. Campus residents would vote for their 10 favorite feature films each month.

Savannah Blank, communications studies major from Florence said she supported all the initives.

“I don’t know a lot of seniors that live in dorms but I feel like that (24/7 visitation) should be for all (residents),” said Blank.

“I am all about recycling,” Blank said.

Abbie Ricard, sign language interpretation major from Deleware Oh., said she thinks the laundry proposal could be very helpful.

“A lot of kids don’t have cars and you have to go off campus to get quarters,” said Ricard, “I live far away so I have to do laundry here.”

Brandon Mandigo, vice president for RLC, said to get a valid sample, more residential students need to complete the survey. Exactly 1,067 students need to take the RLC survey to have an accurate representation of the student that live on-campus.

Mandigo wants residents to complete the survey by Friday, Feb. 1. All Eastern students can access the survey by going on EKUDirect and clicking the Student Services tab. A banner will appear on the screen to take you to the survey link.

In other residence life news, the Challenge for Change community service event is running until Feb. 19. Eastern is competing against Morehead State Univsersity and Murray State University to log the most community service hours.

RLC is also sponsoring Candy Grams for Valentine’s Day, similar to the Halloween Candy Grams sent last semester. Students can sign someone up for a Candy Gram delivery at Powell corner on Feb. 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tues, Feb. 12 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. This is paid for by RLC, with no cost to the students for Candy Grams. The Candy Grams will be delivered to the residence hall mailboxes.

For more information about the Challenge for Change, or the RLC survey contact Brandon Mandigo at