Bailey’s features the largest dance floor in all of Richmond in addition to a billiards table, a DJ booth and lounge area.Photo by Seth Littrell

Bailey’s features the largest dance floor in all of Richmond in addition to a billiards table, a DJ booth and lounge area.
Photo by Seth Littrell


For years, downtown Richmond has served as the hotspot for the city’s bars and other nightlife. Some of these businesses have thrived, while others have fallen by the wayside.

As one nightclub fails, another one rises from its ashes. One such new venture is Bailey’s, a 21-and-over dance club generating a significant amount of hype around Eastern’s campus.

Located at 110 S. Second St., down the hill from Currier’s Music Store, Bailey’s is owned and operated by, believe it or not, former
Eastern student Brandon Bailey. Brandon worked as the DJ for the previous bar, Club 110, for a few years to make some extra cash through college.

When the owners of Club 110 decided to sell it, Brandon was one of the first people to be offered the opportunity to take over. Brandon jumped at the chance and became one of the youngest club owners in the Richmond area, he said. He decided to make some changes to the bar with the first being the name, which he fittingly called Bailey’s.

“My goal, when starting this bar, was to have the cheapest bar around, but with the best, most relaxed atmosphere,” Bailey said. “I do whatever I can to see that my customers are enjoying themselves.”

Not only does it have the largest dance floor of any other dance club in Richmond, at a whopping 300 square feet, but numerous other attractions are included: a billiards table, an elevated indoor lounge area, a large stage with a DJ booth and competitive drink prices make this bar the perfect place to enjoy a night out on the town.

For those looking for a drink with a kick, Bailey’s offers the Fireball-a cinnamon infused whiskey-for only $2. If you’re thirsting for some cold beer, after midnight drafts are only $0.50.

Its signature drink, the Bailey Bomb, has become a favorite among the nightlife crowd. The Bailey Bomb is a blue raspberry vodka and energy drink concoction for only $1.

“Best new bar in town, hands down,” said Todd Broaddus, a 22-year-old asset protections major from Richmond. “You can’t beat their drink prices. The bartenders were great too at getting my drink quickly.”

Bailey’s attracts mostly a college crowd, but you can find all ages, from 21 all the way to 60, on given nights.

Along with the delicious, cheap drinks and fun atmosphere, Bailey’s also offers live music on most weekends. The bar has been the host to a variety of local artists of all musical genres from country to hip-hop and even some dubstep.

On February 8th, the establishment will have successfully lasted a full year, which Brandon and his staff are extremely proud of and have no intentions of stopping there.

The bar’s hours are 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.