Illustration by Cindy Reynolds

Illustration by Cindy Reynolds

Focusing on stricter gun regulations as a solution to the problem distracts from the real underlying issue surrounding the gun debate. More preventive measures should be taken in assessing mental health and psychological motives before a gun ban or stricter laws are put in place.

The focus should be on mental health and screening to assess the motives behind why people decide to resort to violence. Before resorting to a gun ban, looking into the issues may curb some of the violence.

A gun ban will not solve the problem. People who want to harm or kill will find a way to harm or kill whether it’s with a gun or a baseball bat.

Stricter gun laws are unnecessary, a gun is a gun and one gun is just as deadly as the next if used irresponsibly. Stricter gun laws will impact the people who use their guns for hunting or recreational purposes but someone who plans to use a gun for violence can still accomplish their goal with an automatic versus a semi automatic or even a knife.

Comparatively, marijuana is an illegal drug in most states but is widely used with little regard to the law. What’s to say people won’t obtain guns illegally in the same manner even if they are banned? And in that scenario, the fear of a shooting would be even more troublesome if there is no way to reference who owned the gun and where it was purchased because the possibilities become endless if guns are banned.

The majority of gun related crimes committed are committed with unregistered guns. Thus, a ban will only cause there to be more unregistered guns and therein lays the possibility of more crime.

Research has shown that people who are raised with guns and taught how to properly handle them and know the safety precautions are more likely to use guns responsibly. The issue isn’t the guns it is the irresponsible people.

Another point to consider is that guns are not the only weapons capable of inflicting fatal injuries. People can harm others with virtually anything. Taking away guns will cause people to resort to another method. We can keep banning the newest weapon but people with a violent intent will still find a way.

This problem has a solution, but we must dig deeper than just taking away guns. Focusing on finding the motives that drive people to act violently is paramount.

Stricter screening and firearm databases could be helpful with cutting back on mentally unstable people obtaining guns, but people will find a way to inflict harm and that is the issue that must be addressed.

Gun education cannot be overlooked as a key aspect of this ongoing debate. If more people were taught about the dangers of guns, how to properly handle them and the serious ramifications they can have if used improperly, people would use more caution when handling them. Additionally, we believe that stricter training should be required for gun users. Conceal and carry license certifications should be strict and thorough.

Everything considered, Americans should reexamine the underlying issues surrounding psychological health before stricter gun laws are enacted.