Branden Osborne pulled a fire alarm in Commonwealth Hall around 2 a.m. The arresting officer said Osborne appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the arrest. A witness said Osborne pulled the alarm because he thought it would be funny. Osborne was arrested Jan. 15 for second-degree disorderly conduct.

Jan. 14
Garrett Rounsavall, a student at the University of Kentucky, was arrested for DUI after running a red light on University Drive. Rounsavall had a fake ID and marijuana with him. He failed the field sobriety tests, was taken to Baptist Health for a blood test, and was then transported to the Madison County Detention Center.

Jan. 17
Devon Johnson was cited for possession of marijuana outside of Keene Hall. An RHC observed Johnson smoking marijuana and alerted Eastern Police of the violation. Johnson was summoned to court Feb. 4 as a result of the citation.

A student reported a broken window in a fourth floor men’s bathroom in Case Hall. The student told an RA that the bathroom had been cold recently and had been broken some time after Jan. 10. The damage was reported to police and facilities services to patch the window until it could be replaced.