Let’s be honest- college is expensive. We all know the pain that comes after paying for tuition, books, housing, a meal plan and all the other college expenditures.

Whether your parents are helping you or you’re taking out loans, it’s a huge financial burden. Because of this burden, I try and squeeze as much as possible out of my dollar wherever possible to get the most for what I’m purchasing.

With that said, imagine my disgust whenever I go to downstairs Powell to use my treasured flex dollars on some fast food, which is probably because upstairs Powell is having a less than desirable dinner to discover the food court is now charging for refills on sodas.

If I’m going to have to use my flex, or my own cash for that matter, on a meal because you cannot provide me with food I believe is worth eating, I expect to at least be able to refill my drink as I leave.

Why do we as students deserve the free refill? Let us consider the financial burden I mentioned earlier. Eastern’s website breaks down the cost and estimates it at $18,336 per year.

I know this semester alone I have spent about $1,200 on my meal plan, which is the lowest priced plan available. Since we to have to spend that huge amount of money on something mandatory for freshmen, we should be allowed to have a free refill.

Also, any other eating establishment you go to off campus has free refills on soda. Why, here on campus, can we not have free refills?

Even though apparently this rule has been in action all year, though not enforced, I think it’s ridiculous. I admit I do understand the positive aspects.

Maybe the little extra money charging for refills will provide some good, or perhaps it’s a health initiative. By mandating students to pay for a refill, perhaps they will be less likely to drink more unhealthy soda.

Whatever the reason may be, I don’t think it’s nearly as important as keeping students happy. I think the least we can ask for, the least we can expect, are free refills.

Is that too much to ask?