Photo by Seth Littrell

Student worker Kia Wallen, 19, an elementary education major from Monticello helps Jenny Lizdziel, 21, outdoor recreation major from Virginia in the ResNet office Wednesday morning.
Photo by Seth Littrell


ResNet will soon go by a different name, but students will have even more computer services offered through the university.

To integrate all student technology issues under one umbrella, ResNet is now Student Computing Services (SCS). The name change will be completed by the summer, but all services offered through ResNet are currently a part of SCS in Combs Room 230, said ResNet coordinator Lisa Moore.

“We wanted to expand how we could help students,” Moore said. “All of the IT needs of the student are in one spot.”

The residential network will still be supported by SCS, but students will be able to check out equipment such as Mac and PC laptops, iPads, cameras, projection equipment and screens. This service had been available through the EKU GURUS in the Tech Commons located in the basement of the Powell Building prior to this semester. Currently, 50 windows laptops, about 30 Mac Book Pros, nine iPads, 16 cameras, nine projectors and two screens are available for checkout.

SCS will also offer tech tutoring for students who may want to learn more about Microsoft Word, Excel and other basic programs. Moore said many students don’t come to college with the same level of proficiency, and the tech tutoring will help bring students up to speed with the constant technological changes and advances.

Student Computing Services’ office has a pretty diverse group of proficient workers to help with different student issues, said Logan Wallen, 22, computer information systems senior from Monticello.

“People who are having trouble with basic computer classes will really start to gravitate here,” Wallen said. “Anything students would like to do with technology is here in one place.”

One new change will be charging stations for just about every phone except for the iPhone 5. Wallen said students pitched the idea. The department, Moore said, welcomes student suggestions and interactions.

“We are here for students,” Moore said. “If there is ever an idea students have, they can come and pitch it to us. It’s more of a group effort what we do.”

Wallen has worked with ResNet for a year and half and said he was pleased the office was able to reimage, label, clean and make all of the other transitions before the semester began. He said students should take advantage of SCS because of the free services and the amount of help the office offers.

“We have the same kind of policy as the GURUS, we will help where we can,” Wallen said. “Even if it is out of the scope of what we do, we can advise [students] and try to help out as much as possible.”