Architectural rendering courtesy of Ed Worley

Architectural rendering courtesy of Ed Worley

Kristie Hamon

Various construction projects in and around campus are progressing on schedule for the most part despite rain delays this winter.

The apartment complex being built across Lancaster Avenue by Grand Campus at York Place is scheduled to be finished in July, and will begin renting to students starting Aug. 1, Co-owner Ed Worley of WG&T Builders Inc., said.

He said the project is on schedule and the plan is to get the rest of the roof on when the weather begins to cooperate.

Worley added they have received a lot of positive feedback from students around campus about the ongoing construction.

“Everything is going good and the response from the students is quite remarkable,” Worley said.
Students who are interested in living in the apartment complex should call (859) 625-0050.

Additionally, Worley said the pedestrian walkway across Lancaster should be completed and open for use in April.
Aside from progression around campus, construction on campus is also moving forward.

Ed Herzog, Director of Capital Planning, said the new dorm is on schedule to be complete and open by the fall semester this year.

“The weather doesn’t help us,” Herzog said. “But we’re moving along working everyday.”

Like the apartment complex, the construction of the residence hall roof has been hindered by the recent rainy weather.

Herzog said facility services are currently working on a variety of projects across campus including, steam leaks and some brick work on Case Hall and Case Annex.

A few structures have been put in place to insure pedestrian safety while brick surveying and work is being completed.

The “pedestrian tunnels,” as called by the architects, aren’t what someone would normally imagine when thinking of tunnels.

“It’s just an above ground, above head ply wood,” Herzog said. “It’s just a little bit of a covered walkway just to make sure that the pedestrians have safe passage.”

There are three, eight to 10 foot sections to protect pedestrians in the case that there is any brick movement.
Herzog said these structures have been put in place as a precaution because during the winter there is the possibility that water can get behind the brick, freeze and cause it to fall. Two of the sections are in the Case courtyard and one is by Case Annex.

Herzog said there isn’t any additional precautions students need to be aware of on campus.