Within the last year, Eastern’s campus has been through several changes. Even though some of these changes can be witnessed and are logical, other large expenses have yet to be seen or seem useless.
Eastern’s administrators and officials need to be more conscious and reevaluate the ways in which money is being spent.

Students are constantly complaining about the overall quality of food in upstairs Powell. Yet, rather than using our funding to increase the quality of the food students are being served, Aramark purchased new countertops for the Fresh Food Company in upstairs Powell.

The university also spent money on a trolley, which is used mainly for giving scenic tours to prospective students. Eastern used funding on this trolley, but many students have yet to see the trolley in action.
Is having this trolley actually going to increase our overall enrollment numbers? We at The Progress think the money could be put to better use.

Perhaps the most blatant example of Eastern’s poor spending practices of our money comes in the form of the new residence hall being constructed on Kit Carson Drive. Students are incessantly unsatisfied with the quality of the current residence halls already on campus.

Bathrooms and air conditioning and heating units are constantly breaking, and the sanitary conditions in some of the older halls are inexcusable. The university should be putting more money toward maintaining the residence halls already in place instead of spending money on building a new one.

Another reason a new residence hall seems illogical is because the already existing residence halls are not full. There are several empty rooms in almost every residence hall on campus.

Plus, with enrollment numbers dropping, the university cannot expect the housing numbers to rise. This new hall will be more attractive than the other halls, which will not only leave the current dorms under utilized but could potentially shut them down.
Eastern needs to start focusing on the quality of its facilities and services rather than the quantity. The administrators and officials should start concentrating on the students who are here rather than those they are anticipating.
Sure, the little things may make Eastern sparkle occasionally, but a sparkle can’t shine through dirt.
As a university, we should be looking at the issues really bothering students and the campus community. Are these little things, like adding new counter tops and building a residence hall, really going to help current students for the university in the end as much as refining our current buildings and increasing the quality of our food?

Eastern needs to get its priorities in check. We need to put more emphasis on the bigger aspects that will actually help increase the value of our campus as a whole, rather than smaller pieces that only provide an unnecessary solution to a question nobody asked.