cari_tretinaBY: CARI TRETINA

A new semester and new year means it is time for a fresh start and another chance to improve. One concept to consider is self-control, and to analyze if change is needed in this area, try to place yourself in the following situation.

You recently turned 21 years old. Many doors have opened because of this glorious birthday, but most importantly, you can finally cross the threshhold of liquor stores and bars- life is great.

As the semester progresses, the schoolwork load and reading increases. With that said, you are a little overwhelmed and want to blow off some steam. Paddy Wagon and your friends are calling your name tonight.

However, you have a rather large exam in the morning, and you have yet to study. The responsible action would be to stay in the night and prepare for the test; the fun choice is go out with your friends.

Which decision would you choose?

Let’s consider social media’s impact on your daily productivity. At any given point in the day, a person can walk through the library and see a minimum of 10 people on Twitter and Facebook instead of reading or studying.
How many times have you told yourself to stop tweeting? How many times have you checked Facebook in an attempt to avoid completing homework? Have you watched a television show instead of reading for a class?

Telling yourself “no” can be a difficult concept to grasp, but it must happen. Life is not easy; everything you must accomplish isn’t going to be fun or enjoyable. Being able to get those mundane tasks done will allow you to achieve your career goals.

Let’s be honest- No one actually likes doing homework. I truly despise completing busy work, but I do it. I know by working through that busy work I will have a better understanding of the material taught in class. Having a thorough knowledge of those concepts will give me a better grade at the end of the semester, and getting a good grade point average will be a steppingstone in landing my dream job after I graduate.

Being able to control your wants and pleasures is a skill you need to develop or strengthen if you want to survive after college and be successful. Self-control will give you the power to do all those activities and duties you know you should finish. Your days will be more productive, and you have more drive.

Warren Buffet didn’t watch television all day; he studied the patterns and decision-making power of individuals in the stock market every day. Steve Jobs didn’t listen to music and play chess every second of the day; he worked diligently to understand the advancing technology and software of the future.

To get far in life, you must fight through the pain and agony of those monotonous jobs and tasks. With the new year here, start saying “no” to your temptations and start practicing moderation to fulfill your life goals.