By Kaleigh Underwood

Breaking Dawn Part Two arrived in theaters on Nov. 16. The last of the Twilight series, this movie was much anticipated by fans.
The original actors from the other four films continued in their roles. Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan Cullen, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.
For those of you who don’t know the series, it’s a typical story of girl meets boy, but the boy just happens to be a vampire. Being a vampire, Edward struggles with his thirst and desire to drink Bella’s blood, which for some reason appeals to him more than others. But it is a love story and throughout the series they fall in love and get married.
In Part One, we see the traumatic birth of Bella and Edward’s daughter, which kills Bella. Trying to save her life, Edward changes her into a vampire. So at the end of the film, we see Bella’s red eyes, and know she has indeed changed.
Breaking Dawn Part Two begins with Bella waking up and we experience her first moments as a vampire with her. We see her hunt for the first time, watch her meet her daughter, and comically witness her beating up Jacob with her newfound strength.  We watch as Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, grows. Life seems nearly perfect for the Cullen family.
Then they get news that the Volturi are coming. The Volturi are like the police of the Vampire world. They believe that the Cullens have created an immortal child, which is when you bite a child and make into a vampire. This is a problem because these children cannot be taught, and their thirst cannot be contained. But Renesmee is not an immortal child; she was conceived and carried like a normal pregnancy.
But the Volturi do not see this, they are coming to kill the Cullen clan. The only hope the family has is to gather as many witnesses as possible to try and stall the Volturi long enough for them to listen to their pleas and prove Renesmee is a half immortal/half mortal child. So they set out on an adventure trying to gather as many vampires as possible before the snow sticks to the ground, and the Volturi arrive.  
I don’t want to give you all the details and spoil the movie, but you’re definitely in for a surprise. In the final scenes, the producers at Summit Entertainment throw you for a loop.
I loved the movie. Being a crazy fan girl, I loved that it followed so closely to the book, and that it was everything I had imagined when I read the story. When everything is resolved at the end and you know Edward and Bella are finally going to get their happily ever after. I will admit I got a little misty eyed. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I’m sad to say  it’s over, but I’m happy it was done so well.