(Seth Littrell)

By Lane Taylor

Seasons are changing, and I’m not talking about weather patterns – I’m talking about the beginning of basketball season.
This is the time of year we set all other things aside and relish in the fact that our next six months have the ability to bring something special. Whether we cheer for different teams, we can all agree that our love as a state for basketball and everything it entails, is over the top, on the verge of obsession.
We are like this for a few reasons: The first is, we as a state have been awarded with several universities with proud basketball traditions, such as the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, Murray State University and our very own Eastern Colonels.
Another reason is our state is quite boring. Basketball is really all we have; it gives us all something to cherish and look forward too.
While other states are still following football and are still a few weeks away from even acknowledging basketball, we as Kentucky citizens have been discussing and prepping for the start of basketball season since April.
Many have said we are crazy, possessed or my personal favorite brain washed. I tend to agree and even welcome these titles as my love for basketball has and always will be entrenched in my soul. This is also true for our state as a whole. Our intimate relationship with this sport is ingrained within our states’ fabric like nothing else.
While traveling through this state you will encounter many different cultures, from as far west as Bowling Green to the Blue Grass region of Frankfort, or in the coal mines of Hazard.One can’t help but notice that people dive wholeheartedly into their “fan” way of life regardless of gender, age or economic status.
Sure, other states enjoy or even love sports but no other state gets its identity or collective self-esteem from one specific sport like Kentucky does.
 I consider myself  blessed for having the chance to be born and raised in this basketball-crazed state.
My only advice for those who might be new to the state: Get ready. The next six months are going to be wild. Basketball is finally back.