By Jabril Power

Raw, unique, refreshing and honest talent is all out there for your listening pleasure. Yelawolf, one of the newer talents under Shady Records, is all of these talents wrapped into one.
There are quite a few people out there claiming to want a rapper without gimmicks and silly current hip-hop fads, but more want artists with great wordplay and an honest approach to the art of music. Yelawolf is that desired artist.
The really special thing about Yelawolf, is he’s moderately new, being dubbed a freshman by XXL in 2011. Yet he still manages to show his audience he is influenced by hip-hop legends and, at least, has some knowledge of the history of hip-hop.
This whole idea of an artist actually being knowledgeable of his culture, by itself, is already impressive. Many rappers and record labels treat hip-hop as if it is disposable and is used to only entertain the youth, with no attempts to actually make the music timeless.
Yelawolf is the counter culture to the abusive treatment in hip-hop, and honestly, he’s just a darn good rapper.
With only a debut album under his belt and a few EPs, rapper Yelawolf has proved to value lyricism and has embraced his country Alabama roots. He has still somehow made it where even people who aren’t from Alabama can still appreciate his raw skills. There’s a good reason why Eminem signed him.
Yelawolf’s style is very unique because of his country accent and influence in songs, but he does have familiar sounds in his verses. Yelawolf’s style is mostly grounded in a fast paced delivery and of entertaining wordplay.
Honestly, it’s sort of hard to explain exactly what Yelawolf sounds like but just imagine a country sounding rapper that doesn’t have tons of money, goes through everyday struggles and is just really, really good.
I suggest people who are looking for new, fresh rappers should start with Yelawolf. Check out “Pop the trunk” or his XXL cypher, and you will not be let down.