By Cynthia Warner and Linda Mihalec

Dear Editor,

If the proposed I-75 connector is built, property values in the area will decrease. Who wants to live near a busy highway? The construction and its adverse effects will force residents out. There will be no buyers, so landowners will suffer huge losses. If this becomes a reality, some will move out of state, taking valuable tax dollars with them.
There are many historical features that will be affected. One of the proposed routes would shut down the Valley View Ferry. Operational since 1785, it is the nation’s oldest year-round ferry service and predates the Commonwealth by seven years. It’s the last ferry on the Kentucky River and a valuable tourist attraction. Valley View’s history is significant to Madison County. In 1900, the town was a major lumber-producing community. It’s here the Riney B. Railroad entered Madison County. To avoid flooding disruptions, a bridge will cross over the town.
Native/African-American artifacts and historic family cemeteries dwell within the proposed area. White Hall will most certainly be impacted, since the plan connects to I-75 at exit 95.
The development will destroy fragile ecosystems along and within the Kentucky River. The new highway may cross the Palisades, where many endangered species most certainly reside.
For these reasons, we have formed a Madison County Chapter of the “Disconnectors.” We urge everyone to join us. Visit, sign the petition, and email to let us know you’re with us. Don’t have Internet access? Don’t worry. We will find ways to keep all informed.
This $350 million to $400 million project is a very bad idea for our environment, our historical landmarks, our future and us. Once paved, this pristine beauty will be forever erased.

Cynthia Warner
Linda Mihalec