By Elise Svoboda

The University of Kentucky may have Tally Cats, but Eastern has E-Ranks, an incentive event program, which has been in the works for sometime now. The first test run will be at City Fest this evening.
E-Ranks is a program that Student Government Association (SGA) is implementing in order to prompt student involvement,” said Brooke Daugherty, the director of E-Ranks program.
    Daugherty said the E-Ranks is a program to increase student involvement on campus.
Alex Carson, chief of staff, said the program is also a promotional program for events at Eastern where students can earn and track the amount of points they earn.
“It allows students to swipe their card at different events,” Carson said. “At that point, they can go on OrgSync and track their points. As they get points, they are entered to win prizes for different things.”
Carson said one of the main goals of last year’s SGA administration was to get the student body more involved with all the different facets of the University. Thus, the purchase and implementation of E-Ranks was born.
Daugherty said the students would swipe their Colonel 1 Card/student ID when they go to E-Ranks events.
 “What students are going to do is go to events and swipe their cards. Each event is going to be assigned a point value and they are going to keep accumulating points,” Daugherty said. “When they accumulate points, they will be put in drawings for prizes”
    Planned test dates for E-Ranks this semester are Homecoming on Oct. 13, AOPi LipSync on Oct. 27, Eastern’s Got Talent and the Student Activities Council Midnight Breakfast during the week before finals.
The prizes, point system and the actual launch of the program will not happen until January, Carson said.
The test dates this semester are to get awareness out about the program, and it actually launches in January.
“We are having the test dates this semester to introduce students to E-Ranks and what the program will look like for next semester,” Daugherty said. “So it is kind of a time to introduce students to the program.”
Daugherty also mentioned the overall goal of E-ranks is about campus involvement.
“E-Ranks is hoping to get students more involved on campus, just to build community and help new people [get] involved,” Daughtery said.
For more information about E-Ranks, contact Brooke Daughtery at