By Elise Svoboda

Summer brings sunshine, fun and some of my favorite TV shows. Sadly, the summer season is ending, but it gives me the opportunity to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2012 summer TV season.

The Glee Project
I have always been a fan of this show because of what the grand prize is: a seven-episode contract with Glee. The show has always been one of hope and teaches people to be true to themselves, and you can go far. The only downside is the potential to watch your favorite person on the show get eliminated.
Verdict: B+

Pretty Little Liars
I have been a fan of mysteries since I picked up my first Nancy Drew book. This series is family friendly, in line with other shows on ABC Family. It features great acting from a talented ensemble. The only downside of this story is if you miss a week, you will be lost until you can see the latest episode.
Verdict: A-

This series has heart, laughs and faith. From the creator of Gilmore Girls, this series is a great, fun summer series. One of my favorite actresses, Sutton Foster, brings wit, charm and humor to this role. A downside of this series is there is an occasional Mean Girls feel to the series.
Verdict: A-

Royal Pains
If you want an escape weekly from your normal life, look no further than the Hampton-based series. While it is a medical show, there is still a fun feel to it you will take notice of very quickly. Even in the winter, the series keeps the summer fun going all year long.
Verdict: A

Burn Notice
For any fan of the action-adventure genre, this series is for you. With action and adventure each week, Burn Notice series is like a mini movie. With the cast being able to pull off the humorous moments as  well as the serious moments, this series is an enjoyable hour of TV.
Verdict: A+

Common Law
I was very critical when I saw the promo for this series.  Since I sat down and watched an episode, I have grown to like it. For me, I think of it as The Odd Couple for today’s younger audience.
Verdict: B+

Political Animals
Probably one of the biggest summer obsessions for me to watch due to its sexy, dark appeal of the series. This series has something for everyone. Whether or not you are a fan of politics, the series will keep your attention due to the wonderful ensemble cast.
Verdict: A+

Necessary Roughness
Since Friday Night Lights was canceled, this series has become one of the few scripted shows about football.It is full of humor and heart just like Friday Night Lights, and offers an interesting way to look at football regardless of whether you are a fan of the sport or not.
Verdict: B-

White Collar
This series offers a true look at the world of a former con artist. The series is well-written and the ensemble does a great job with the scripts they are given. With filming done in New York, the city itself becomes its own character.
Verdict: B

Franklin and Bash
This show has a refreshing sense of humor you rarely find on television. It puts together an ensemble who can do humor and drama with some heart throughout.
Verdict: B

Rizzoli & Isles
I have always been a fan of a TV series with strong female leads. Rizzoli & Isles has the basic crime drama story, but adds a refreshing female aspect to it. Anyone looking for a series with powerhouse acting from two amazing leading ladies, look no further than this series.
Verdict: A-

Summer Olympics
Every four years, the world comes together for the greatness which is the Olympics. I enjoyed all of the coverage NBC did this time. I also enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies, with my favorite part being the references to Peter Pan and Harry Potter.
Verdict: B+

The show is one of the most praised freshman series of the summer. For me, I saw some of the original episodes of Dallas and was very impressed. While the new series does not compare to the original series in quality, but it is good for any fans of hardcore soap operas.
Verdict: C-

Warehouse 13
History and science fiction will thoroughly enjoy this series. I have been watching it from the first episode and each season gets better than the last. The cast provides an ensemble feel you will love because of the different and interesting energies within the group.
Verdict: A+

I have loved this series since the first episode aired last summer. The dark humor of this series gives it a unique element I cannot find in any other TV show. If you need a laugh, check out this show about a man who thinks his neighbor’s dog is an Australian man in a dog suit.
Verdict: A-

Originally I thought this show was too dark for my tastes when it first came on. Now, since I have seen the season two premiere, I have become a fan. With a taste of Grimm Brother Fairy Tales throughout the series, any fan of ABC’s Once Upon a Time could become of a fan of this series with the understanding it is more adult-friendly than the family-friendly Once Upon a Time.
Verdict: A