By Chris McGee

Health experts say drinking isn’t bad as long as it’s done in moderation.

I believe this philosophy can also apply to celebrating a huge win by your favorite sports team.

Saturday, after the University of Kentucky beat the University of Louisville to advance to the NCAA Championship game, a car was turned over and couches were burned. Then, when the Wildcats won the championship Monday night, people lined the streets, and as a result of a fight in a car, someone was shot.

The ridiculous behavior exhibited by some fans after their favorite team wins a major championship is baffling to me.

It’s one thing to be an enthusiastic fan, but when you take it to the extreme of destroying property, it becomes an entirely different matter.

This rabid enthusiasm should be applied to a more constructive issue like education. Imagine how much smarter our children would be if parents were as passionate about their child’s education as they are about the Wildcats.

Don’t get me wrong, I was glad to see Kentucky win a championship after going through such a dry spell. I just don’t think there is any call for the sophomoric behavior displayed by some of the fans.

It also escapes me as to why a person would feel the need to burn something just because a team won a game.

I believe this excessive celebration gives our state a black eye in the court of public perception. Some people already stereotype Kentucky as being nothing but uneducated rednecks. We don’t need to give them more fodder to further the stereotype.

Celebrating a team’s victory should be done the same way our mothers have always told us to do anything.

“Act like you have some sense.” It’s amazing how you seem to stay out of trouble when you listen to your mother.