By Rhett Ramsey

It is time once again for you to make your voice heard in the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) elections. This is a very important process, as your input will help choose the leaders to fight for your voice to be heard by the university. There are many candidates for the various offices this year, so it is important to become educated on the issues, as well as the platforms of the respective candidates.

There is no better way to engage in this process than by attending the SGA debates that are scheduled for Thursday, April 5 p.m. The candidates for the offices of Residence Life Council vice president, Student Activities Council vice president, executive vice president and student body president have all been invited and are expected to be in attendance.

This is your opportunity to find out what your fellow students are seeking to do in order to move our university forward in a student-friendly way. As a candidate for student body president, I encourage each and every student to come to the Ravine (or Middle Powell in case of rain), so you may all have the necessary information and knowledge in order to make the best decision for our student body. I look forward to an engaging, informative and cordial debate between candidates for all the offices, and I hope to see you all there.


Rhett Ramsey