By Taylor Pettit

Proposed changes to the election bylaws are now being looked at for more revisions before the changes make it to the Advisory Board, said Student Body President Rachel Mollozzi.

In addition, constitutional changes are also being revisited but there is “no rush on that,” Mollozzi said because of the hope to pass the revised election bylaws before Student Government Association (SGA) elections began in a few weeks.

“These are things that the students have to come to us with,” Mollozzi said. “We are going to ask the [Advisory] Board for advice and see what changes we can make.”

The Advisory Board, who is set to meet March 14, includes advisers of each SGA branch and the general adviser, the dean of students and the vice president of each branch of SGA.

The Advisory Board must approve the bylaws if the changes are to be used in the upcoming election.

“The main things were concerning the election bylaws, there has been a lot of discussion,” Mollozzi said.

The main issues brought up was the wording of the Code of Conduct, which listed a series of responsibilities and guidelines for candidates involved in any SGA election.

“We want to make sure everything is just as it should be,” Mollozzi said.