Dan Henrickson, 21, public relations major from Middlesboro and editor of the Milestone, works on the 2012 yearbook in the Milestone office located in Keith. (Samantha Toy)

By Elise Svoboda

The Department of Communication has a long history of student-run mediums associated with it. Including the Milestone yearbook and the student radio.

The future of both the Milestone and the radio are in danger due to budget cuts all over campus. The student radio has been faced with the issue of budget cuts according to Allyson DeVito, part-time faculty and adviser to the student radio.

Elizabeth Hansen, chair of the Department of Communication, said she did not know if there would be one, both or one or the other on campus next year.

 Jennifer Thornberry, Milestone adviser, said this was probably their last year.

“We kept hearing that we’re going to try and get a student fee passed, but we keep hearing from both the Student Senate and from the administration that a fee is highly unlikely,” visiting professor and Milestone adviser Thornberry said.

Hansen said there was once a student radio station.

“There was one here from at least 1987 until probably six or seven years ago,” Hansen said. “I am not exactly sure when they ceased operations.”

Hansen said one reason the radio station was stopped might have been because of a lack of interest.

“There was a lack of interest in the station and the adviser who had been working with the station chose to do something else,” Hansen said. “There was not enough students involved to keep it going.”

But Hansen said it was also student interest in a radio station that brought it back.

“We have had a number of students who have came forward and mentioned that they are interested in radio and pursuing it, but maybe because of Internet radio and the ease of starting a radio station,” Hansen said. “It may also be because of satellite radio, I don’t know the reason, but I do know there is a good bit of interest from students who come into the major.”

The Milestone started in 1922 and continued until 1999 with a one-year break in 1944 because of World War II. From there, the Milestone was not published during 2000-2007 but then restarted publication in 2008 because of an interest coming back and won third in the Best Collegiate Cover Design 2008.

Thornberry said the yearbook was restarted because of people wanting to preserve Eastern history.

“I think a lot of people regretted the fact that it died the first time back in 1999 and wanted to give it a chance again to succeed to give us a few more years to preserve the university history and memories,” Thornberry said.

Hansen said the Milestone was not originally associated with the Department of Communication.

 “The Department of Communication was not associated with the yearbook right before it stopped publication and it was in the division of public relations,” Hansen said.

Hansen also said President Doug Whitlock’s interest in the Milestone brought it back.

“The Milestone was brought back because President Whitlock was interested in having a yearbook again,” Hansen said.

Dan Hendrickson, 21, public relations major from Middlesboro and editor to the Milestone, considers the yearbook to be a piece of history.

“The yearbook is a piece of history that is tangible and it holds all the events throughout one academic year,” Hendrickson said.

Hansen said anyone can be involved in the radio station or the Milestone.

For more information about the Milestone, contact Jennifer Thornberry or if you are interested in the student radio station contact Allyson DeVito.