By Tristan Meiman

The Brief:

“If you are walking on campus and are suddenly struck by a vehicle, will Eastern pay for the rest of your college education?”

The Facts:

Well, I have some good and bad news. The bad news is no, Eastern will not pay for your school. The good news is who’s stopping you from suing the actual person that hit you?

Of course, this also depends on the situation. If you personally throw yourself in front of a car so you can sue someone for money, firstly, shame on you. Secondly, you really didn’t think this one through, did you? While yes, you are a pedestrian and you do have the right-of-way, someone will obviously notice if you willingly throw yourself in front of traffic. So stick to the crosswalks and hope for the best. Bottom line, just remember what your mother told you: “Look both ways before you cross the street.”