By Elise Svoboda

The Brief:

“Is Keen Johnson haunted by the ghost of the Blue Lady?” The legend of the Blue Lady, an alleged former drama student at Eastern who was rehearsing in Keen Johnson when she hung herself, dates back to the 1950s.

Some say she liked to hang out in the bell tower, and others say she was often found rehearsing in Pearl Buchanan Theater adjacent to Keen Johnson.

The claims for the Blue Lady include seeing a blue mist and random lights on in the dressing room area of the theater, along with unexplainable noises.

The Facts:

Opinion on the ghostly entity’s existence seems to be split.

Some argue the Blue Lady is not real because they have not seen her on campus over the past several years.

“I personally have never seen her, so that is my own way of not truly believing in something until I see it,” said Eric Thomas, 22, biology major from Berea. “Also, it seems too erratic, too irrational to have a Blue Woman.”

Tre Jackson, 22, psychology major from Hopkinsville and a student technician for Student Life, said there have been recent huntings for the Blue Lady in the past at Keen Johnson with surprising results.

“The Office of Student Life hosted a ghost hunt last year with Chris Moon,” Jackson said. “We went in Keen Johnson just ghost hunting in general. We didn’t get to speak to the Blue Lady, but we did get to speak to some of the other paranormal spirits that were present. I think she might live in the bell tower or something. A lot of the time us riding in the elevator we might hear her or hear different sounds. Maybe we should say thank you for riding the elevator.”

As with all good ghost stories, this case of the Blue Lady will go unresolved.