By Tristan Meiman

The Brief:


“If your roommate were to commit suicide, would you get all A’s for trauma?” For years, even at universities other than our own, students have speculated about this horrific scenario. But is there any truth to it?



The Facts:


Morbid, yes, but the answer is no. Contrary to popular belief, the death of your roommate gets you nothing but a single room. Suicide is a serious issue, however, so if you notice any signs in your roommate, or friend for that matter, lend a hand and talk to them. College can be a very stressful environment. The counseling center here at Eastern is more than happy to help those in need, so do not hesitate to contact them.

So ultimately, if it’s finals week and you’re failing a couple of classes, don’t even think about how your roommate could “accidentally” fall out the window from your doom. It wont get you all A’s, but it will get you about 25 years to life.