(Samantha Toy)

By Adam Turner

The Brief:

“Did Eastern once have a campus dog/mascot?” Given the number of felines currently roaming campus, many have wondered if the university ever had a pooch to call its own.

The Facts:

Back in the 1950s-60s, Eastern did in fact have a campus canine named Mozart, or Mo for short. Born October 15, 1947, Mozart was born by a cocker-spaniel mongrel mother and a black-Irish setter father on the farm of Charles  Boyd. He was rumored to have followed a janitor onto campus one fateful day and never looked back. He quickly became a cherished member of Eastern. Mozart had a particular passion for music and spent most of his time around the music department. Former department head James E. Van Peursem was once quoted as saying, “Get a crowd together and Mo will be there, especially if there’s music.” Mozart was known to attend class right alongside the students and would often act as an alarm, standing up and walking out right before the bell would ring each class. He led a long life and died a few months shy of his 17th birthday on August 14, 1964. He is now buried behind the Ravine, where a tombstone marks his grave. It is now rumored that if you plant flowers near his grave on his birthday, you will have good luck for a year.