(Samantha Toy)

By Samantha Toy

The Brief:

“Are there tunnels that run under campus?” Rumor has it there are tunnels that run from the Keen Johnson building to the Powell building and from Sullivan Hall to the cemetery. There may also be a bomb shelter from the Cold War era and a tunnel under Model Laboratory School.

The Facts:

Accompanied by James Dantic, Model Laboratory School principal, this reporter toured the bomb shelter and tunnel of Model. The tunnel entrance resides behind a small locked door in the choir room and runs to the machine room. The bomb shelter contains two rooms. The first room is now used as storage for the drama department. The second room is where survival materials, such as containers labeled “Survival Biscuit” packaged in 1962 and Department of Defense “Sanitation Kits” litter the floor. Beyond that is the tunnel leading from the bomb shelter to machine room.

The tunnel that runs from Keen Johnson to the Powell Building also exists as it is used by food services to transport food between the two buildings.

The tunnel running from Sullivan Hall to the cemetery was undiscovered and rumored to be sealed off, but the search continues.