By Cari Tretina


It was a Saturday night. A group of my close friends and I had gone out for an evening of adventure in Richmond the night prior, and we were planning on attending the hockey game tonight.

 We went to Casa Fiesta for an early dinner to start the night off right. After we gorged ourselves with chips and tacos, we came back to the dorm and relaxed for a few hours. The majority of my friends took a nap to prepare them for the late night of fun we were going to have.

One of my friends, however, hung out with me in my room. She came in around 7 p.m. We did not stop talking until 10 p.m. I had just as much fun, if not more, simply conversing and joking around with her than I did at the sporting event.

This made me recall other fond memories I have with people. I came to realize the majority of my most treasured memories are exactly like that Saturday night. Another person and I are plainly talking, sitting around and laughing.

I hear people always complaining about how their relationships are so boring and mundane or that something is missing. Not just about their love relationships, but also their friendships. What is missing is that personal connection.

We are so limited to the outings we can participate in when we are younger because of our young age and inability to drive. As a result, the hang-out sessions we have with our friends are primarily sitting somewhere, just talking. We had just as much fun swinging on a swing and chatting away with someone back then compared to going to a party now.

When you are older, you start to become friends with people who do the same things as you opposed to those who have mental and personality similarities, such as the same music interest or view on politics.

You may connect with someone over a game of beer pong or bench press, but you two struggle to have a conversation longer than 20 minutes.

By talking to someone, you make a personal connection with that person. You understand why he or she does the things he or she does or finally find out where they got their sense of humor from. On top of that, this person now understands who you actually are instead of just knowing what you enjoy doing for fun.

Telling jokes with your brother, catching up with an old friend or finding out why your girlfriend likes mice so much will bring you closer and improve your relationship. A layer of trust will even be formed because you start to feel more comfortable around this person, so you begin to open more.

A quick fix to any relationship: talk. Just spend a lazy afternoon curled up on the couch or walking around the park, just chatting the day away with someone. For a better relationship tomorrow, take the time today to care.