By Kristie Hamon

The Office of Student Life has designed logos for students to vote on in order to represent all Registered Student Organizations [RSO].

The logo will be used to identify RSOs, allow them to reserve rooms and use Eastern’s logo.

April Barnes, the director of student involvement and leadership, said, in a way, voluntary student organizations are a step apart from the campus.

“However, we have some VSOs who need to use EKU’s name, for example club sports,” Barnes said. “Club sports compete as Eastern Kentucky University. However, we really want to make sure that people know that they are an RSO and not the Eastern Kentucky Basketball team.”

Barnes said a link will be placed on the Student Life website within the next week or so, so that students can vote on the logos.

“Anytime that you use Eastern Kentucky University in advertising on your shirts, anything like that you’re going to need to have this logo on it also, so it identifies you as an RSO,” Barnes said. “What we hope it will do, is really just make people aware that you are affiliated with our university, voluntarily affiliated with the university.”

She said right now there are only VSOs on campus and every group that registers through Org Sync will automatically be put into this group unless it chooses to appeal to become a Sponsored Student Organization.

“Once you have registered, you will be able to pull these up and use the logo,” Barnes said. “VSOs can use this and I believe SSOs will be able to use this also, but right now we don’t have any SSOs, so we haven’t really thought that far.”

Barnes said there are step-by-step instructions on the Org Sync website about how to appeal in order to become an SSO as well as a detailed list of expectations for SSOs.

“What we’re saying is if you’re an SSO, the university is liable for you, we’re going to take the responsibility of having you on campus, and you’re going to be able to affiliate with us, use our names, all those kinds of things,” Barnes said.

The expectations were created by the RSO risk management committee, which is the committee that will listen to classification appeals.

Lindsay Greenwell, the head of RSO risk management committee, said all appeals come to the committee.

“[RSOs] Take it [appeals] to the committee and [the committee] determines if the group has all the paperwork,” Greenwell said.

Some current VSOs could be classified as a SSO, though.

“I think that we actually have a couple of SSOs on campus, they just haven’t, it’s up to them if they are going to appeal to an SSO or not,” Barnes said.

She said she is excited to get students involved in choosing a logo to represent them.

“We are very excited that we are going to be able to offer RSOs an opportunity to have a logo to use to be set apart, that they can vote on,” Barnes said.

Zach Scott, the facility reservation coordinator, said the RSO logo will have many benefits for the organizations.

“It’s like an official EKU logo,” Scott said. “I guess the main benefit is that it gives each student organization an official emblem or logo to use. Other benefits are it kind of unifies our RSOs, they’ll have like a unified logo to represent all the student groups.”