As surely as the sun rises in the morning, there will be something in the police beats section about some kid getting busted for smoking pot. Perhaps the people who report this are worried about fire safety, or more likely, they just have little better to do with their time. I write this letter to point out a few things that seem to escape these students who are getting caught. If you don’t want to get caught smoking pot, consume it. Sure the effects will take longer to hit, but they will also last longer as well. If waiting is not acceptable, then buy a vaporizer.  Not only is smoking this way easier on the lungs, but you also get more bang from your bud. Oh, I forgot to mention there will be much less odor—that doesn’t smell like pot— and no smoke to get you caught. In addition to this, there is also virtually no risk of fire since the vaporizer never reaches combustion temperatures.  And a cheap vaporizer can be purchased for less than the price of your confiscated bud and the ticket you just got for getting caught. I write this letter because current laws are unjust; pot is not a drug— it’s a plant. You cannot overdose on pot, and no one has ever died as a direct result of its use. So if you’re going to use marijuana on campus, try and remember to be smart about it. Happy smoking.


Benjamin (No last name given)