The definition of trend is to show a tendency or movement toward something in a particular direction.

As in the media’s tendency to increasingly portray LGBTQA lifestyles, latest outfit or the increasing trend toward mindless nothing. Was this the news 10 years ago, or is this a trend? I am not naive enough to think that the world is Cleaver-esque— it is anything but. Attention spans have been shortened into the latest trends and tweets; and unable to comprehend the future more than seconds in advance, we do not think. Our tax plans have been reduced to Domino’s choices (9-9-9) and similarly simple acronyms that Rick Perry fails to recall as the answer to solve the country’s woes. In a perfect world, this “bigot’s” past satirical “diatribe” would have induced thought and promoted common sense; instead, I unleashed a flurry of nothoughttweetback, words unnecessarily combined, while also lacking thought.

People have been backed into their respective corners and now respond as cornered animals, ready to rage and attack. They immediately puff up and posture their homosexual hillbilly Cleaver lifestyle as tax-payin’, God-fearin’, child-fundraisin’, local shoppin’, oh, and they are wealthy. I don’t care, as the prophet Tupac says, “I ain’t mad atchya, do your thing boy.” You do deserve a voice, but so do people with common sense. Where the bulk of my news in my not so Cleaver-esque world is comprised of the aforementioned mindless nothings, I must rely on satirical relief to gain perspective. The world we know and love is quickly disintegrating around us, and society’s solution is to personally attack and finger-point. To express opinion toward common sense or practical approaches to complex issues places one in the company of Ron Paul, stricken to segregation and attack. When I say to have anal sex to solve many problems, I am being satirical, but in reality, would it not be the best solution yet offered to multiple complex issues?

       In response to Toler’s timeline of “great gays in history,” we knew, my opinions regarding various LGBTQA topics, irrelevant.  To the point, the bombardment is just unnecessary operation-gay acceptance complete- Okay, y’all.

Here’s what anal sex has to do with the federal deficit: STDs, birth control, abortions, pre-natal care, abandoned children, education and legal legislation for the “acceptance” of homosexuality? Nothing is free; it now costs $222,360 to raise a child to 18, and the cost for the “unwanted” children is much higher. So common sense would dictate that anal sex has, in fact, much to do with the federal deficit. If all that was gained from my previous editorial was “rage,” I would encourage everyone to reread it, just think, take a bubble bath and go to “fairy-world,” where common sense reigns supreme. Should I be more worried about the federal deficit, overpopulation, cancellation of tax-funded programs, the dangers of birth control, radiation, foreclosure, war and terrible politicians, or should I worry about who recently came out of the closet? Was it The Situation? OMG!!!!   

Covie Schmidt