Greek students meet for a week at the Madison County Schools Dept. of Maintenance Building on 2 Street before each year’s Homecoming parade. (Marla Marrs)

By Sarah Young

Taking a full week to let creativity and artistic ability take over, many on-campus groups gather at the Madison County Schools Deparment of Maintenance Building on 2nd Street to construct the highlights of the Homecoming Parade: the floats.  

This year makes the 34th annual Homecoming Run and Parade. It is set to start at 11 a.m.  on Saturday, Oct. 22 along the Lancaster Avenue/Main Street route.

The Greeks are paired by a random drawing, grouped with one or two fraternities to every sorority with one collective theme of EKU Making a Difference.  With 30-plus hours of decision-making and napkin folding, each chapter brings its own supplies to build its own interpretation of the main theme.  

“A form of rotation so no fraternity or sorority is paired up two years in a row together, and there are judges who choose first, second and third for prizes,” said Alex Krallman, an alumni of EKU and the Greek system.

Working for the cause, many students trade sleep for the construction of a prize-winning float and something to be proud of on Saturday morning.  Alumni come back to join in the Homecoming festivities and to spend a weekend with their old chapters.  

“Our alumni brothers love to see a good float,” said Michael King, sophomore police studies major.

TJ Glass, an active brother in the Sigma Chi Eta Alpha chapter, summed up the significance of Homecoming weekend well.

 “Homecoming is an annual event based around a parade, tailgating and a good game of football,” Glass said. “For the Greek life, it is much more.  It is a time when our alumni come to share with their active brothers and sisters a time of past remembrance of their college years. Simply put, it’s a time of general fraternalism and celebration.”

Be sure to check out the finished floats this  Saturday at the Homecoming Parade.