By Kyle Woosley

Andie Moss, founder and president of The Moss Group, Inc., is scheduled to give two seminars on Oct. 6 concerning the Prison Rape Elimination Act, or P.R.E.A., and sexual misconduct by prison staff involving inmates.

Moss has been involved in the area of sexual abuse in correctional facilities, having previously worked as the program manager for the National Institute of Corrections. Her foundation, The Moss Group, focuses on sexual safety.

The first presentation, entitled The Prison Rape Elimination Act: Burdon, Beast or Best Practice?, will explore issues that have been found during the past seven years that pertain to P.R.E.A., including changes in the facilities, according to a press release.

Allen Ault, Dean of the College of Justice and Safety, said he was responsible for getting Moss to Eastern.

“The law was to prevent the rape of inmates in institutions, and the individual we’re bringing here has provided training in all 50 states,” Ault said.

The second presentation, called Teacher, Preacher, Soldier, Keeper: When Power Turns Seductive and Results in Sexually Charged Relationships, will focus on sexual misconduct by prison staff involving inmates and sexual abuse in a learning or correctional environment, such as a prisons, churches or schools.

Ault said the event has attracted much attention and has had a fairly good response so far.

“It’s some of the latest things happening in the public safety arena,” Ault said. “So if you’re interested in criminal justice, then this is something you should be interested in.”

The seminars are scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. respectively at Perkins. To RSVP, contact Pauline Lively at 622-8244 or at