Last week the Progress published a letter to the editor in which a blatantly sexist viewpoint was put forth that stereotyped both sexes and was completely immature and insulting.  I read this article with a mixture of incredulity, anger, and surprise that the Progress would even consider printing such a socially destructive and irresponsible piece of writing.

I am talking of course about the “bros” article. In this article the author claims that men can be described with the five “b”s.  These are beer, bros, bangin? babes, bong, and bod.  The author claims that understanding these five characteristics will prevent women from falling into the same trap of a disappointing relationship that she herself seems to have fallen into.

Unfortunately, these five characteristics are similar to all stereotypes in that they are completely false and not based on reality at all.  The author could have easily picked any five “b” words and she would have been just as close.  Maybe bald eagles, baptism, biology, Braves, and biscuit could have worked.  Or why even limit ourselves to the letter b.  Maybe the letter “F” would be a better choice.  Then the author could choose from frolicking, frantic, freedom, figs, and farcical.

Sexism has a long history filled with terrible events and courageous liberation movements. Many advances have been made over the years as human society progresses to a point where we can get past these short-sighted observations.  That article last week, and the Progress’s decision to print it, have set back the fight by advocating a senseless position with no logical backing whatever.  I hope nobody takes that article seriously and that people can learn to get beyond personal grievances to write about more socially responsible topics.

Miles Owen,