By Taylor Pettit


Here at The Eastern Progress, we strive to provide coverage of issues that affect students. More importantly, we want to cover the issues that matter most to students.

At the end of the day, not every student is going to care about the same things. Some students will only open the sports section to review statistics. Some students will scan the pages for reviews of music and movies. Some students will read over the latest happenings in student government and tuition hikes.

Over the past year wehave covered many issues, most prominantly student government association. Obviously SGA coverage is crucial to news coverage, but we do not want this coverage to overshadow coverage of other important areas.

We all have our interests, but our staff wants to understand your interests. This year, we want to encourage every single student to let us know what is affecting your life and what you want to know more about.

We want to invite you to introduce us to your corner of campus, whether that be greek life, department happenings or student organazation initiatives.

This message also goes out to faculty as well as all of our student readers.

Is there something going on in Richmond or the surrounding area that you don’t see on our pages? We want to know about it. These ideas can be positive, negative or anything in between.

Use us. Our faces and names are listed on the bottom of page 6; find us on campus and let us know what you want to hear. Email your ideas to us at Follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook.

We will also be including online exclusive content every week. Remember to check out  this content at

We want all students at Eastern to feel like this is your paper—which it is—not just a paper.


Thank you,

Taylor Pettit