By Crystal Brockman

A person can’t walk around campus without seeing someone on their iPhone. Whether they are texting or just updating their Facebook status, an iPhone can keep a person distracted for days with the amount of apps available. Costs range from .99 to $20, but many are available for free. The assortment of apps includes practical to outrageous, and here are just a few.

– If you are a fan of Jeff Dunham, then you will enjoy this app for only $1.99. It allows you to hear and watch all the characters; Achmed, Walter, Peanut, Jose and Bubba J say their catch-phrases. You can even become the ventriloquist yourself by recording your own lines.

– Remember a time when prank calling was funny? Well, “The Jerky Boys Prank Caller” is for you for only $1.99. This app is loaded with their full-length phone calls that you can listen to or use as your ringtone. Also, it offers a fake inbound calling feature so you can trick your friends.

– Ever wonder if you talk in your sleep or snore really loud? The Night Recorder app allows you to record yourself all night long, even while your phone is on standby mode for $2.99.

– A free spy-cam app called Jumicam lets you streamline your home webcam to your phone if you are not around. So you can spy on your roommate while you aren’t at home or make sure your dog doesn’t chew up the furniture.

– Live Effects is a free app that can transform your pictures to different effects like Vertical Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Bubble, Swirl and Zigzag as you take the picture.

The world of iPhone apps is never-ending and can become extremely addicting. There are numerous games to play to occupy your time. Entertainment you can watch while waiting in line and even a fart machine to use in class. Oh, the technological world.