All information is taken from Eastern police reports.Sept. 18

  • An officer observed Michael Stoess enter Dupree Hall using foul language and was visibly upset. On contact, Stoess had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, was unsteady on his feet and had the odor of alcohol on his person. Stoess was unable to follow verbal instruction and failed a field sobriety test. Stoess was then placed under arrest and lodged at the Madison County Detention Center for his own safety.

Sept. 19

  • An officer responded to a complaint of the odor of burnt marijuana in Telford Hall. Upon arrival, the officer was greeted by a resident that said she could smell the marijuana coming from the bathroom she shared with the residents next door. Upon contact with the resident of the next room, Brianne Bishop, the officer could smell an odor of burnt marijuana and recieved verbal permission to search her room. The officer found 6.4 g total of marijuana, two pipes, screens and a grinder. Because of Bishop’s cooperation, she was cited and released.