By Stephanie Collins

Cindy Hurt, a senior office associate in the Mathematics and Statistics Department, was struck Thursday at approximately 4:45 p.m. by a vehicle at the intersection of Kit Carson Drive and Daniel Boone Drive.A police report of the accident stated the driver of a 1999 Dodge Ram pickup, Jeremy Bardin, was traveling at 20 miles per hour when he failed to yield the right of way while making a left turn and struck Hurt as she was beginning to cross the street.

Bardin, a student at Eastern, stated that he did not see Hurt.

According to her father, Don Greenwell, Hurt’s recollection of the event ends after she realized a truck was only a few feet away from her and she was knocked unconscious. She regained consciousness in the ambulance and arrived at UK Chandler Hospital. She was released at 2 a.m, the next morning.

Hurt’s injuries included broken bones in her elbows and shoulders, as well as strain to her clavicle and will be wearing a neck brace for two weeks. She also had a concussion. Hurt was wearing a backpack, which is believed to have eliminated further injury from the impact, said Greenwell.

There was no report of Bardin suffering any injuries and his vehicle incurred minor damage.

Hurt is recovering at home now and will not be returning to work for at least two weeks.

“She is a great asset to our department,” Chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department, Pat Costello said. “We wish her a quick recovery.