All information is taken from Eastern police reports.August 31

  • Police responded to a report of criminal mischief in the men’s football locker room in the Begley building. An officer met with a male who showed the officer four overhead light fixtures that had been pulled down and were lying in the floor of the men’s room. The broken lights were reported to Facility Services.

September 1

  • Two female RAs reported they were being harassed at the Turley House after a male who had just learned the outcome of the hearing regarding an incident that took place last semester at Palmer Hall. The females said that the male said, “Suck it, bitches” under his breath following a hearing before Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Bradley Shively was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Police observed Shively disregarding the “Do Not Enter” sign at the Martin Lot and upon contact with Shively, a strong odor of suspected marijuana was detected. Shively stated that he had smoked marijuana in his vehicle and gave police verbal consent to search the vehicle. Police found a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, a set of scales, rolling papers and a cigarette roller.
  • A female reported damage to the front door of an office in the Moore building. The female advised that the door was difficult to open upon her arrival, and that the door appeared to have been damaged when someone attempted to pry the door open with a sharp object. Nothing appeared to be missing or disturbed in the office. Facility Services were called to replace the lock.