By Darren Zancan

A water main that serves McGregor Hall broke late Tuesday morning causing all 416 students to evacuate to Powell Building. According to Associate Vice President for Public Relations Marc Whitt, the break occurred at 12:35 a.m.

“This indistinguishable alarm woke me out of a deep sleep,” Amanda Luckett, who lives on the sixth floor said. “All I knew was I needed to grab my keys and wallet and get out. They told us to grab over night clothes just in case. We were escorted to our dorm rooms to grab what we needed for the day and for tonight. If we aren’t allowed back in our rooms by tonight they will provide lodging for us for the night.
I am basically carrying my life around with me.”

The break, which caused three feet of standing water in the basement, along with three to four inches of water in the lounge, laundry room and 14 student rooms, happened when a coupling on a water main failed inside the residence hall.

The students had enough time to move their items to a safe location without any damage.

Crews were mobilized to repair the leak and replace a building transformer.

Whitt said the school anticipates students should be able to move back in later Tuesday afternoon, but if that does not happen, the university is working on a back up plan.

More to follow as the story continues.