Brave the Storm is currently managed through Mongoose Entertainment, their next show will be Friday. Soon, the band’s music will also be featured on iTunes. (photo submitted)

By Jennifer Hutcheson

On a typical school day you can find Brave the Storm relaxing in their dorm rooms, conveniently placed across the hall from each other in Mcgregor.You may see these five best friends skateboarding down the hall, playing Mario Kart, relaxing by bonfires, filming movies, playing Eastern’s intramural sports or eating at powell.

Don’t be mistaken by their casual dorm days because on weekends you will see them hit the stage as a post-hardcore band, doing what they love and showing their fans their newest songs.

The goofy, yet respected, band doesn’t fail to show their humor to their fans.

Brave the Storm is composed of Ryan Ueltschi – pronounced “Oochie”- on the drums, Ryan Snelling as the screamer and vocalist, Eric Mulder on the guitar and vocals, Anthony Turner on the bass and Joshua Sudduth on guitar and vocals.

Four of the guys attend Eastern, while bassist Turner tried it out for a semester and returned home.

Releasing their second collection of songs, “My Mind is Elsewhere E.P.,” Brave the Storm hopes to take their talent to a national audience.

Founded three years ago, Brave the Storm has come a long way from practicing in a small garage to playing large audiences, with a following that now sings along with them.

They have recently played shows in Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio.

Having placed themselves on a personal level with their fans, their base is building. They have posted fliers around campus, practiced in their dorms and made countless Facebook invites to their shows on Eastern’s network.

They are in agreement with Mongoose Entertainment, hoping to promote themselves more and reach the level of being a signed and touring band.

Driving back and forth from Richmond to Frankfort twice a week for practices, they fill their weekends with shows.

Brave the Storm’s new E.P., their second, is a collection of post-hardcore music similar to bands such as Life in Your Way, Confide, and Our Last Night.

The band’s five members are such good friends that they find it easy to joke about one another’s personality. Snelling, the “philosopher” of the band describes his band mates in this way:

“Joshua is the rockstar of the band. He’s got the best showmanship, the right attitude, and he takes charge of practices and writing.”

“Anthony is the hippy. He makes quick, jerky movements on-stage like a seizure.And, Eric is the most modest when it comes to showmanship, but he’s also the most majestic because he has the longest hair.”

“‘Oochie’ looks and dresses like a little boy. He is the only one that gets away with being shirtless at every show. He is the reason we get all the chicks.”

“I, (Snelling,) am the glue that holds us all together, the savior, and the one that gets the audience involved physically, lyrically and emotionally..” (That was his sarcastic description of himself.)

While humor holds them together, their bond is unbreakable as they have become brothers.

Brave the Storm has big plans for themselves, as they are organizing a large summer tour, and many weekend tours throughout the school year.

Hoping to make a career out of their music, they all agree college is a back-up plan for the future, if it doesn’t contain music.

“I hope to become a worldwide touring band. I want to make songs that speak to people,” Mulder said.

With that said, they have remained focused on their school work and difficult majors, while traveling and making most of their days about practice, writing and shows.

Sudduth is majoring in graphic communications, while Mulder is considering education. Snelling is thinking about something in the film industry and “Oochie” has taken on a heavy load with network security and electronics.

“Getting home at 4 a.m. on a Monday is not the best thing to do when you have a 9 a.m. class, but we are dedicated to our music,” Sudduth said.

While they have done that many times, as well as having to skip a few classes, the guys have managed to keep their grades up and keep focus on their majors here at Eastern.

“Getting to where we want to be is about more than just writing good songs,” Sudduth said. “It’s networking, and building good relationships with fans and people in the industry. It’s not always fun, and it takes sacrifices.”

Their sacrifices have brought them to a manager in Matt Wilson, as he heads Mongoose Entertainment. He helps Brave the Storm with promoting, booking shows and improving the band’s image.

Their band’s image, while being placed in the post-hardcore genre, is versatile. Post-hardcore is defined as a softer version of hardcore music that involves screaming and metal breakdowns.

Brave the Storm considers themselves outcasts in that genre, because they are different than other bands within that category.

“We aren’t your typical post-hardcore band,” Sudduth said. “We don’t fill our music with unoriginal breakdowns, and our melodies help our audience sing along to our songs. We can easily play acoustic sets for events that call for a calmer setting. And that’s something we would love to start doing around campus.”

When speaking about their music being in a post-hardcore genre, Snelling said, “We are also outcasts of that genre because we have three singers instead of one and we specialize in harmonies,” Snelling said. “We don’t look like a typical band either.”

Brave the Storm will be playing with a well-known band called Gwen Stacy this coming Friday.

A full schedule of shows, songs, pictures and lyrics can be found on their Facebook and

Their music will be featured on iTunes within the next few weeks.

Four of Brave the Storm’s members spend time hanging out in MacGregor Hall skateboarding. The bandmates conveniently live across the hall from one another. (Maggie LaFleur)