By Tristan Meiman and Jeff Dudley

It goes without saying that most gamers can name off the best first person shooters (FPS). Games such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Half-life, and Doom established the ground basis for what we know today know as FPSs. But rarely do gamers find a series that not only builds from what has been established, but elevates an entire genre to the next level. Halo is that series. Halo has done more to advance gaming in five games (soon to be six) than hundreds of FPS games have done in two decades. In this article my friend Jeff and I will be giving our insight on the Halo games that we have played starting from Halo Combat Evolved to Halo 3 ODST. Halo Combat Evolved
Jeff: This game hit like a 5,000 Mega-Ton atomic bomb. Multi-player was the bread and butter of this first installment. The environments could get a bit repetitive and the graphics have not held up well, but game play, challenge and shear joy still remain when playing this game in single, co-op and multi-player.

Halo 2
Tristan: If there is one word that I have to say that easily describes Halo 2, that word is difficult. I fancy myself a more than above average gamer, but I constantly found myself dying over and over, and this was on normal difficulty.

Halo 3
Jeff: Oh Halo 3, how I wanted this game to be the cream of the crop, Bungie’s opus, the icing that makes my cupcakes sweet and keep coming back for more. What I got was a great game, with some neat stuff, but overall, a disappointing story line, the death of one of my favorite extras and a heavy handed attempt at an artistic ending.

Halo 3 ODST
Tristan: As much as I was excited for the new change of character as well as a detailed back story, I began to fear that Bungie was milking out Halo for its worth. In terms of story, I enjoyed the drama of running around the city only to find that I have just missed my squad. The multi-player variant known as Firefight was also enjoyable, I thought it was poor on Bungie’s part to not allow me to form a team online.

Halo Wars
Jeff: I liked this game. I am a huge fan of the strategic games. It was a treat to enter the Halo universe in this way. Just one gigantic problem with the game though – it does not pay any attention to the time line of the Halo series. You fight the Flood in the game, and it clearly takes place well before the events of the first Halo game, where we all know that’s when humanity first encountered the little parasitic gremlins.


Jeff: All in all, Halo is one of the greatest games ever made. Sales of the games can point to that, but it’s the fans that really make it shine. Almost a decade after Halo: Combat Evolved hit the shelves, that first game is still just as fun as it was the day I cracked the case on that green box and heard that iconic music for the first time.

Tristan: The Halo series has given me, and fellow gamers, a tremendous experience to in the FPS genre. It has provided us with sleepless nights and multi-player satisfaction, and is soon to conclude with Halo Reach. But is this truly the last that we’ll see of the Halo universe? I think not.