Billy Williams and Abbigail Lily opened Lovers Live Longer in June. (Maggie LaFleur)

By Sara Byers

There’s a thrifty new store in town, and if you like random cheap stuff, Lovers Live Longer is the place for you. Located at 209 West Irvine St., this “raddest little thrift shop” just opened up back at the beginning of June, and owners Billy Williams and Abbigail Lilly say business is going great.

Billy said their reasoning for opening the shop was simply because they “love junk.”

But they also like helping people and recycling items that people no longer use, items that people would more than likely just throw away.

The store takes donations and collects things that people would otherwise toss into the dumpster, despite the fact that it could easily be used again. So, instead of watching the landfills pile up, they are trying to get people to buy and re-use these items.

The shop is bright and colorful and has some of the neatest doodads and knick knacks that nearly every college student could use for their dorm or apartment, such as movie posters, clothes, decorations, books and magazines – all sold at reasonable prices.

“We are where the prices never change,” said both, Billy and Abbigail.

Meaning, nothing is individually priced, no matter the value. And, in addition, nothing is priced over $20.

They also sell original artwork that they themselves have created.

You name it, and they most likely have it.

This is the first store Billy and Abbigail have opened, so Lovers Live Longer is a new adventure for them, and they couldn’t be happier with how everything is going.

Lovers Live Longer is not only a fantastic thrift shop, but the pair like to have fun with their customers.

The store sponsors a weekly giveaway on Facebook, giving away items like movies, among other things. They also boast a monthly raffle, tickets cost 25 cents, and the drawing takes place at the first of the month.

For the October drawing, the prize will be an old gumball machine.

Presently, the store is offering a sale on all books and magazines at 25 cents.

It’s hard to find a better deal, so stop on by the store or add them on Facebook under “Lovers Live Longer Thrift Shop.”

In addition, to help out the community of Paintlick, Lovers Live Longer is sponsoring a food drive.