Caleb Armburst (Crystal Brockman)

By Kristie Hamon

Caleb Armbrust and Andrew Holcomb secured the presidential and vice presidential seats during last semester’s Student Government Association elections, beating out dueling opponents Matt Chadwell and David Anderson, as well as former SGA Vice President DaJuane Harris and his running mate, Thomas Clark. Since the duo has taken office, they’ve been making strides to move forward with their platform ideas and working to better the relationship between SGA and Eastern’s student population by encouraging student involvement, scheduling more events, dances and concerts and strengthening communication between students and faculty. But, aside from government issues, what do students really know about this political pair? The Progress sat down with Caleb and Andrew to find out just that, so students can get to know their leaders a little more personally.

SGA President:
Caleb Armbrust, 21
Senior from Columbus, Ohio
Major: Fire Engine Technology

SGA Vice President:
Andrew Holcomb, 20
Senior from Mount Prospect,
Major: Emergency Medical Care

1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Caleb: “I’m a people person; I like to engage people in conversation about random things, read, think, work out.”

Andrew: “Run and read, that’s all I have time for.”

2. What did you want to grow up to be?

Caleb: Firefighter

Andrew: Firefighter

3. What scared you the most when you were little?

Caleb: The wolves in Beauty and the Beast

Andrew: The flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz – “I hated those things, they scared the ba-gee-bees out of me.”

4. Who is your favorite super hero?

Caleb: “Superman because he can change so fast.”

Andrew: “Jack Bower because he is the new Chuck Norris.”

5. What is your favorite song on the radio now?

Caleb: “By your side” by Tenth Avenue North

Andrew: “Everything to me” by Hill Song United

6. What is your favorite food in upstairs Powell?

Caleb: Philly Cheese Steak wrap

Andrew: The PB & J wrap

7. Does executive power attract the ladies?

Caleb: “Maybe we should try a poll.”

Andrew: “Well, we’re both single.”

In addition, the pair also shared a few other tidbits with us about their most embarassing moments and what piece of attire makes them feel most “executive.”

Embarassing moments are always hard to share, and sometimes, it’s even harder to read them.

Caleb admitted that he ruined a friend’s speech when he stood up to face the audience, lifting his arms to reveal sweaty pits. Andrew did one better, saying that one time while reading a scripture at church, he stood up in front of the congregation giving everyone a glimpse of his forest-green boxers. Apparently, members of the church congregation complained.

And, thus, with executive power always comes a nice attire.

The pair let us in on what they think are the most governmental pieces in their closets.

Caleb said he turns to a suit, partnered with a specific red tie that he owns, and also revealed that he plans on starting a trend of sweater vest Tuesdays beginning after Fall break. Andrew also pulled out the suit response, but admitted that he feels most comfortable just looking like a regular student because that’s who he represents.

So, there you have it, an inside look into the lives of your executive leaders; they’re students, just like you. So, if you have concerns, head on down to their offices located in the Powell building.

Andrew Holcomb (Crystal Brockman)