By Darren Zancan

Eastern’s campus was affected early this morning by a significant water leak in Richmond. All water based products, including fountain drinks in Powell, were shut down until the leak was contained.

The city is now refilling the water system but until then a boil water advisory is in effect, including water fountains. Make sure to boil all water for drinking or cooking.

Because Eastern has a separate water tank the campus has maintained water pressure while the rest of the city lost pressure.


The boil water advisory has been lifted as of 2:15 p.m. Friday.

Most of Richmond was severely affected by the water leak. Jadeli’s and Logan’s Roadhouse were closed for most of Thursday and Friday.

Starbucks, on campus, could not serve water based products and will resume regular hours on Monday.

Upper Powell had to truck in hundreds of bottles of bottled water for students and all water fountains were taped off.