By Sara Byers

The weather’s getting warmer, and everyone is in flip-flops and shorts; it’s obvious that students are ready to get out of here! With most students making plans for the summer and the great weather amidst us of late, one would think this week should go by faster than any other. Oh, wait. Finals Week is coming. No summer plans have ever seemed so far away, but don’t let that stop you! There is a way to make this week both fly by and be a success.Here are some steps to survive finals without going completely crazy:

1. Get some sleep. This may sound simple, but finals have a way of making students feel completely unprepared and they feel that they need to study all night. Not true! If you have been doing well in your class before this, odds are that you are going to do just fine on the final. So go to sleep at a reasonable hour and leave studying for the daytime.

2. Have some fun with your studying. If you are ready to pull your hair out because you keep reading the same tiny font type and size, find another way to study. Get a friend from the same class to help quiz you in a fun way or invent a game with prizes at the end. For example, Trivial Pursuit for Music Appreciation makes something super boring into a fun game. Or if you are confused about what is exactly in a plant cell, bake a cake cover it was icing and put candy on it that represents the organelles. This way you can learn and afterwards, stuff your face with candy-covered, cakey goodness.

3. Eat a good breakfast. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to our parents and every breakfast commercial known to man. Maybe they were on to something. Get up early before class and hit upstairs Powell for breakfast, or go do something special for yourself. Go off campus and get a delicious Egg McMuffin from McDonalds, or waffles and hash browns from the great Waffle House. Either way you do it, skip the granola bar and eat something good and big.

4. Don’t forget to take a break. If you study too much, your brain will explode. Not literally, but you will have a hard time focusing on the test if you cram too much in one night. So plan a night for fun. Let loose and then get back to business the next morning. If you do plan on doing this, don’t pick a night where you have three finals the next day. Be smart; that’s why you’re in college.

5. If you need to scream.scream. Finals are intended to make students go completely nuts, so it’s ok to let off some steam and aggression. People may look at you a little weird, but just tell them finals are making you crazy and they’ll understand.

Finals week does not have to be the most boring and hard week of the semester, you are intelligent students and Eastern knows how to have fun. So take a deep breath and get it over with. Summer is just a week away and then you all are free!