Tuesday was 4/20 – the national holiday of the stoner. That being the case, I thought it appropriate to write a short blurb about marijuana and America. So here it goes. I don’t particularly care for it; it’s not my cup of tea. Smoking marijuana doesn’t tickle my fancy. I also don’t like cottage cheese. Not just the texture, but also the taste of cottage cheese doesn’t jive with me.

However, just because I don’t like cottage cheese doesn’t mean I think cottage cheese should be illegal – because some people do like it and I’m not totally insane.

I don’t understand the illegalization of marijuana in America. And trust me – I’m not rallying so that I can smoke pot, because I wouldn’t smoke pot if it was legal. And the fact that it is illegal has never stopped me from smoking it in the past (hence, I know I don’t really care for it).

But really it’s just hypocritical madness.

Don’t say it is illegal because it’s bad for you, because smoking is legal. So is hydrogenated oil, bleached flour, and high fructose corn syrup, and I guarantee those things are killing more Americans today than marijuana ever could.

Also, don’t tell me it is illegal because it alters your state of mind, because alcohol is legal, and it alters your state of mind. Even women alter my state of mind, and they aren’t illegal!

Finally, don’t tell me that smoking pot tricks you into dying of a heroin overdose. If you really do genuinely believe that, then it would behoove the American people if you would just not vote anymore or try to contribute to our society, because, I mean, really?

I mean, seriously?

And really, brass tacks, the illegalization of marijuana in the US is doing nothing but hurting us. It is providing business and revenue for organized crime rather than business and revenue for the American people. It is providing legions of prison inmates that are overcrowding our jails for nonsensical, nonviolent crimes.

America’s refusal to legalize marijuana is not only illogical, but counterintuitive and a financial burden that the people can not afford.

So even though I don’t really like to smoke pot, I also really don’t like to have a lack of tax revenue from a legitimate enterprise, and I dislike even more the piles of wasted spending in this ridiculous war being waged against pot.

Did I, like, totally just blow your mind, bro?

Brandon Burtner

Eastern student