By Stephen Hauser

Each week, different members of the track team step ahead of the pack, setting records along the way.Sophomore Lutisha Bowen finished 27th in the 200-meter dash with a time of 24.79 seconds, but had the fastest recorded time in the OVC.

Both teams competed in the University of Tennessee Sea-Ray Relays and the University of Cumberlands Invitational.

The Colonels faced tough competition from the University of Tennessee, University of Cincinnati, University of South Florida, West Virginia and Vanderbilt University.

Even facing top tier schools, the Colonels were not intimidated, especially the lady sprinters who had strong performances in the shuttle hurdles and in individual races.

“I believe that shuttle hurdles team had a really good race,” Coach Rick Erdmann said.

The shuttle hurdles relay team consisted of juniors Tashana Johnson and Jasmyn Norris, Bowen, and freshman DanHeisha Harding. Their time was 56. 84 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds off the school record. The team beat Indiana State University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Charlotte.

Kat Pagano, junior distance runner, achieved a person best time when she won the 3,000-meter run with the time of nine minutes and 59 seconds.

Jackline Barkechir, sophomore, won the 1500-meter run in four minutes and 44 seconds. Teammates, Danielle Mason, sophomore, and Maria Doerger, senior, finished in third and fifth place. Mason’s finished in four minutes and 47 seconds and Doerger time was four minutes and 56 seconds.

Barkechir also competed and won the 800-meter run with the time of two minutes and 18 seconds.

Ashley Chrisholm, sophomore, finished in second place in the 5,000-meter run with the time of 19 minutes and 23 seconds.

“I was happy to finish the race, however, I feel like I could’ve been faster,” Chrisholm said. “It’s hard for me to leave my comfort zone, but I need to do it more so I can become a faster runner.”

She said that her goal for the upcoming meet, which is at home on April 16, for the Eastern Kentucky University Open, is to run a strong complete race knowing that she couldn’t have ran any faster.

“I love running on our track because it’s a fast track and I will enjoy running in the evening so it won’t be so hot,” Chrisholm said.

Shannon Hooper, freshman, won the discus event, out-throwing 22 other people. Hooper’s throw was 137 feet and seven inches.

The men’s sprinters and distance teams had a strong showing at the Tennessee Sea-Ray Relays and at the Cumberlands Invitational.

Chris Rengifo finished in seventh place in the 1500-meter run with a time of three minutes and 51.92 seconds at the Tennessee Relays. The following day Rengifo won the 800-meter run with the time of one minute and 55 seconds at the Cumberlands Invitational.

“One thing I would’ve done differently in the 1500-meter race is to not slow down between the 800-meter and 1200-meter stretch,” Rengifo said. “If I picked up the pace I would’ve been faster.”

David Mutuse, junior, also competed and placed in both meets. Mutuse finished in 11th place in the 5,000-meter run with the time of 14 minutes and 46 seconds.

Mutuse won the 10,000-meter run with the time of 30 minutes and 53 seconds. His splits during the race were faster than his last four laps he ran in the 5,000-meter run.

“I just had thought of doing both events, but after five laps of the 10k I felt good,” Mutuse said. “I thought I should stay focused since no one was aggressive to challenge, so I thought of running for better time.”

Freshmen Bradley Fortuna and Daniel Jones finished in the third and fourth place in the 1500-meter run at the Cumberland Invitational. Fortuna’s time was four minutes and six seconds and Jones’s time was four minutes and seven seconds.

Alex Dreyer, junior, finished in third place in the 5,000-meter run with the time of 15 minutes and 31 seconds.

Steven Nicholson, senior, won the 400-meter hurdles and the 110-meter hurdles.

Kris Hawkins, junior, won the 400-meter dash and came in seventh place in the 200-meter dash. Hawkins time in the 400-meter dash was 48.49 seconds and the 200-meter dash time was 22.56 seconds.

Chaz Gruder, freshman, finished in second place in the discus throw with a throw of 134 feet two inches.