When students look for help with classes, work, co-op and the like, they look to those with experience. The same should hold true for their selection for the SGA president & executive vice president. While getting opinions from their friends, information from The Progress, and invites to join the numerous new groups on Facebook, it is ultimately their decision to choose the representation they want. They need to know they can trust in their leaders to make their voices heard and have the experience to implement those ideas.

Experience comes to this year’s SGA elections in the write-in ticket of DaJuane Harris and Thomas “T.J.” Clark.

Harris and Clark have a combined total of seven years experience serving the students of Eastern. They are active in numerous RSOs and committees. They know the inner workings of Student Government and Eastern. They have set realistic goals, not empty campaign promises, to make Eastern all she can be for everyone! Shuttle Saturdays, meal swipe flexibility and restructured parking are just some of the ways they have shown they hear your concerns and are ready to act with real solutions.

When you hit the computers to make your voice heard Tuesday, remember those who have heard your concerns and have real solutions. Write in Harris and Clark for SGA president & executive vice president.

Amanda King
Eastern staff member