All information in the Police Beat is taken from Eastern police reports.Jan. 14

  • A male student reported to police that his iPhone and case were taken from a Moore Building men’s restroom. The student said he left the items on the toilet paper rack around 9:15 a.m. and when he returned later, both were gone. He said he tried to locate he phone using a GPS system, but the phone was no recovered. The total amount of stolen property is $550.
  • A male student reported that two iPods were stolen from his white Honda Civic while he was in class. No other items were taken from the vehicle. The student said he could have left the car unlocked. The total amount of stolen property is $450.

Jan. 15

  • Police reported to Stratton Building after an employee noticed a computer was missing from a classroom. Only the CPU was taken; the monitor, keyboard and mouse were left behind. The value of the property is estimated at $500.
  • An employee reported a stolen light fixture from the eastern stairwell of Case Hall. The theft occurred sometime between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. No suspects have been identified. The total stolen value is $50.

Jan. 17

  • Police reported to Dupree Hall after a student reported that the lower half of the front entrance door had been cracked. After reviewing surveillance tapes, a suspect was seen kicking the door. The suspect was identified as being a thin, white male about 5’10 – 6′ tall with dark brown hair. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans and dark shoes. The value of the damage was estimated at $250.
  • A male student reported he observed a male subject attempting to gain entrance to a vehicle in the Brockton parking lot. The student yelled at the subject to stop before he ran away. Police observed the passenger side window was shattered. After the owner was contacted, he reported that property was missing from the vehicle. The stolen property included a Cobra Radar Detector valued at $200, one pair of Oakley sunglasses valued at $150 and one pair of American Eagle sunglasses valued at $25. The value of the vehicle damage was estimated at $300.

Jan. 18

  • Zachary Preston was arrested for alcohol intoxication after a female student reported he was being loud on the fifth floor of Palmer Hall. The officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on his person, and he was staggering and slurring his speech.