This letter is in response to the Campus Comments section of the 1/14/10 edition.Ms. (Courtney) Bell responded to the question of what EKU needs to do in the next 10 years, stating:

“The cleaning ladies to come at a more reasonable hour. She’s always in the way.”

This struck a sour note.

Being a Harlan native myself and an Eastern graduate as well, this comment from this obviously “spoiled child” is really sad and pathetic! It’s quite apparent that Ms. Bell was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Having lived in Todd Hall during my college days, I was very appreciative of the custodians that kept our floor clean. These men and women work for practically nothing and have to put up with bulls__t from spoiled little people like Ms. Bell. I would like for her to have to live in their shoes for a few days.

What Ms. Bell needs is a “REALITY CHECK.” It’s quite apparent that she lives in some sort of fantasy world.

In closing, I will leave with this thought, Ms. Bell, maybe you can bring your personal cleaning lady up from Harlan and let your parents pay her for her services, as she cleans your messes!

Terry W. Mullins